Green Onions Supply-supplier for keyboard cover and paper texture screen protector


What We Do

Good chefs have always known that tasty dishes rely on quality ingredients. Without a pinch of sea salt, even a prime steak may be disappointing.

Green onions, an indispensable ingredient in many cuisines, play a major role in enhancing the freshness and flavor. We strive to be the same: as a top 20 keyboard cover and PaperTexture screen protector supplier, we perfect our products to satisfy our users’ experience and make their devices work better.

“Green leaves are to a rose what Green Onions Supply products are to APPLE devices,” says Dick Chen, our president. We focus on manufacturing the highest quality accessories for all series iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks. Our products are not only made for peak functional purposes, but also made from sustainable and eco-friendly materials to protect our beautiful Earth by following SDGs.

Who We Are

Green Onions Supply is the brand name of ROTA America Inc., a worldwide company featuring its premium Paper Texture Film and Universal Keyboard Cover. As a global manufacturer of the screen protectors and keyboard covers, we enable our customers to work with greater security, organization, and productivity. ROTA offers great profits for our OEM customers, and sell our own branded products at retail stores.

Our core value are quality and innovation. We take great pride in the strong and long-tenured relationships with our customers and suppliers around the world. Our customers trust in our products is the bedrock of our business. Our talented and experienced executive team constantly works to ensure our products are always in line with our company values.

How We Began

In 1990, Mr. Dick Chen founded ROTA in Taiwan, with a focus on custom molded TPU keyboard covers. Our early business took off at a technology exposition in Japan, where ROTA gained its first order from one of the largest Japanese distributors of computer accessories. Since then, ROTA has continued to increase its products’ quality. Moreover, ROTA has expanded into new markets such as the micro-fiber mousepads, twist-jointed copyholders, silicone keyboard protectors, screen protectors, cell phone screen protectors, iPod-and-iPhone-related accessories, and more. Ever since ROTA’s founding in Taiwan, we have expanded into the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Russia, and Spain. In 2003, ROTA started its business in the U.S. under the brand name: Green Onions Supply.