PaperTexture® Screen Protector

Excellent Writing Experience

With PaperTexture® Film on iPad, taking notes means enjoyable.


PaperTexture Film® simulates paper surface. 

The screen protector provides true joy of writing and drawing on paper.


The screen protector with only 0.125 mm thickness maintains high sensitivity. Plus, great performance with all apps, such as Procreate, Adobe Draw, ArtRage, Notability, Goodnotes4, etc.

Procreate Demonstration

New iPad Pro

2018 / 2020

New iPad Pro

2018 / 2020

Surface Pro

4 / 5 / 6


Cintiq 13HD


Cintiq Pro 13


Cintiq One 13

PaperTexture® Film is 100% Japanese-Made


● Scratch-Resistant Material


● Anti-Glare Matte Surface

PaperTexture® Film Friction Performance

● Compatible with Stylus Pens


● Genuine Paper Friction Sound


Turning Glass into Paper

● Without Noisy Glass- Friction Sound

● With Cozy Paper-Friction Sound

Looks like Paper

Anti-Reflection Material makes iPad like a book held in your hand.

Reading with Pleasure

Reading and flipping pages on iPad like a book. 

Enjoy Installment

● Bubble-Free

● Fast & Simple


Who need it

● User of iPad or Surface Pro for drawing, digital painting, note taking


● Reader of e-books, loving paper texture


Package Includes
  1. Screen Protector
  2. Dust Isolation Sheet
  3. Micro-Fiber Cloth
  4. Installation Manual