The Ultimate MacBook Pro Keyboard Cover
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Keep Pet Hair Off Your Keyboard
KeyboardMask keeps pet fur and dander out of your keyboard
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Quick and secure protection on the go
Snaps on securely and easily fits in a closed MacBook Pro
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Protect your new MacBook Pro 14
KeyboardMask fights of spills (and repair bills)
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For MacBook series

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Insurance for common accidents.

Spills and splashes can ruin your keyboard, so KeyboardMask acts as physical insurance that keeps it usable and with higher resale value.

Keep out crumbs, dust, spills, and sneezes.

KeyboardMask snaps on securely to cover the Apple Magic keyboard, and provides constant protection against debris and gunk.

Easy cleaning and disinfection.

KeyboardMask is totally flat: no nooks and crannies for dust and germs to hide in.

Disinfection is easy: spray and wipe clean.

Spectacular sensitivity.

KeyboardMask has the best typing sensitivity, and unlike other covers, it protects the Touch ID sensor, which can be used directly through the cover.

Thinner is better.

Custom molded keyboard covers are thick and get in the way of typing, so users end up throwing them away.

KeyboardMask is so thin it never gets in your way.

Cleaning Tips:

  1. Use cleaning agents that won’t hurt your hands with any leftover residue; we recommend a 70% isopropyl alcohol solution (aka rubbing alcohol) for quick disinfection.

  2. For dry messes, you can vacuum dust, fur, and other dry material off of an installed KeyboardMask.

  3. Even with KeyboardMask installed, we don’t recommend sticking your keyboard in a sink, because the USB-C port is uncovered and can be damaged..

  4. If you have a lot of finger or food grease on your KeyboardMask, you can take the KeyboardMask off your Magic Keyboard and wash with soap and water, then dry it before use.

Installation Instructions:

Spread the KeyboardMask onto your MacBook. Snap the elastic corners under the corners of your MacBook.
Installation complete!

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