Save your keyboard from a splash
Waterproof Material

The waterproof cover protects your entire keyboard, and protects the keyboard from spills, sneezes, coughs, and other liquids.

Solution to Greasy Keyboard

Feel free to eat in front of your computer and keep on typing. The cover keeps grease, sauce, gravy, and crumbs out of your keyboard. 

Full Protection

The Keyboard Cap wraps on your keyboard’s edges and provides protection from all-angles

Wipeable Flat Surface

The Keyboard Cap creates a flat surface that can be easily cleaned. Just put some rubbing alcohol on a cloth and wipe it clean.

Bacteria and Virus Prevention

The Keyboard Cap’s flat surface makes it impossible for bacteria and virus to hide and survive in and on your keyboard.

Personal Hygiene

Keep a Keyboard Cap handy for your own devices, or add one to your house’s shared desktops or laptops. You can even bring a spare Keyboard Cap with you to the office or library for use on public keyboards, and wash it clean later. 

Disinfection in Seconds

Hospitals and clinics require routine surface cleaning for infection control. surfaces on a regular basis. Our keyboard covers can be quickly and repeatedly sanitized as necessary.

Universal Size

Our keyboard cover is made from an elastic material, and ca stretch to fit most standard, gaming, mechanical, and ergonomic keyboard.

Applicable Size Range : 
Widest : 10.2 inches
Longest : 17.7 inches

Compatible Devices

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Super Thin 0.025mm

Our Universal protectors are made with a stretchy and flexible TPU film that’s only 0.025 mm thick. These amazingly thin protectors don’t change the way you type.

Superb Tactile Feeling

Our premium material and ultra-thin design provide a superb tactile typing experience even on mechanical keyboards with longer key-strokes.

High Transparency

Our Keyboard Caps have very high transparency, to complement your custom keycaps and backlit keyboards.

Eco-Friendly Material

Our covers’ TPU material is widely used in medical supply, electrical appliances, and sports equipment. It is highly waterproof, cold-proof, breathable, and antibacterial.

Advantage Analysis
What Our Customers Say
Gamers play the games around snacks.

I eat and drink at my desk. Whether I’m grinding out rep or just queueing up for the next match, I’m going to be snacking. A keyboard cover is perfect for gaming, because I can keep my keys from getting sticky and gross, even if I spill something or have crumbs on my fingers. It’s also nice to have something that fits any keyboard, because I paid good money for my backlit keyboard.

Working from home with kids

Working from home has been a bit of a nightmare, and it meant me and my kids spent more time around our home computers eating, since we couldn’t go out. Keyboard Cap has saved my bacon more than once by keeping kept my kids from sloshing their juice straight into their laptops.

Keep Out the Animal Fur

The Universal Keyboard Cap is a godsend for pet owners. My cat loves sitting on my laptop, and shedding season is just a nightmare. Keyboard Cap makes it way easier to keep fur out and keeps my laptop out of the repair shop.

Super Thin and Flexy

I used to use a custom molded keyboard cover, made specifically for my keyboard, but it was way too thick. I could barely see the keys, and it would make me mistype words pretty often. Compared to that, the Keyboard Cap is way easier to see through, cheaper, and doesn’t get in my way when I type. Having used both, I DEFINITELY prefer this Universal Keyboard Cap.

Great Help in Dental

Bought these for the dental office that I work at. These covers are great in our operation areas. We tape them in the back to ensure a good fit. We are able to clean these much easier than naked keyboards, and can wipe them with cleaning solutions to keep them sanitized. They also allow us to use normal keyboards, and not spend an arm and a leg each on medical-grade waterproof keyboards.

Who needs it ?
Keyboard Cap Introduction Video

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