Save your keyboard from a splash
Waterproof Material

The material is extremely water-resistant. Therefore, the keyboard cover fully protects your keyboard from liquid spills.

Solution to Greasy Keyboard

Feel free to enjoy your food and type on keyboard. The cover always keeps gravy or sauce away from your keyboard. 

Full Protection

Universal Keyboard Cap provides all-angles protection for the entire keyboard. 

Wipeable Flat Surface

The keyboard cover creates a flat surface resembling a table. First, take a cloth with a bit of rubbing alcohol on it. Then, wipe the surface and you’ll get a clean one. 

Bacteria and Virus Prevention

The flat surface makes it impossible for bacteria and virus to hide and survive.

Personal Hygiene

Make sure to clean every shared computer or laptop after every use. Fortunately, the 

easy-to-clean surface will 

make cleanup a breeze. 

Disinfection in Seconds

In hospitals or clinics, infection control should be done by cleaning surfaces on a regular basis. Our durable keyboard cover can be sanitized several times.

Universal Size

The keyboard cover is made from elastic material. Thus, It’s compatible with standard, gaming and even ergonomic keyboard.

Applicable Size Range : 
Widest : 10.2 inches
Longest : 17.7 inches

Super Thin 0.025mm

Made with the flexible material—TPU(0.025 mm thickness). Such super-thin Universal Keyboard Cap does not change the way you type.

Superb Tactile Feeling

TPU, the premium material and its ultra-thin design give you superb tactile typing experience.

High Transparency

Plus, TPU provides high transparency. The color of each keycap is visible under the cover.

Eco-Friendly Material

TPU has been already used widely in medical supplies, electrical appliances, and sports equipment. In addition, the material is highly waterproof, cold-proof, breathable and antibacterial. 

Advantage Analysis
What Our Customers Say
Gamers play the games around snacks.

I eat at my desk, when I am playing game. Food gets on and in my keyboard and it just look messy. This cap is extendable to cover on my gaming keyboards. It did actually block a spill when food drop.

Super Thin and Flexy

I bought an actual fitted brand-specific cover and this thinner cap for my keyboard. It is thicker and made seeing the letters on the keyboard very difficult, and I do often made the plastic fold up. Having used both, I DEFINITELY prefer this Universal Keyboard Cap.

Keep Out the Animal Fur

The Universal Keyboard Cap can perfectly fit my laptop keyboard. Since I applied on my laptop, my cat fur would not stick to my keyboard anymore.

Great Help in Dental

Bought for the dental office that I work at, these covers are great in our operatory. We tape them in the back to ensure a good fit. We are able to clean these much easier than the naked keyboards with wipes to keep germ transfer at bay.

Who need it ?
Keyboard Cap Introduction Video