Keyboard Cap for MacBook Pro

General use: Home computer monitor & keyboard

Infection control: Clinics, Nurse Stations, Hospitals, Doctor’s checkup rooms
*Quick disinfect / Swap, Easy to sanitize, type & click through

Equipment protection: Foodservice industry

*Keep grease and grime out of monitors in kitchens, industrial settings
Dust and particulate control: Manufacturing clean rooms
*Specially certified for zero particulates, double-bagged


Ultra-thin – Superb tactile feeling

Full protection

Semi-disposable – Extend device lifespan

Disinfect with alcohol

Universal designs fit most brands & models of keyboards & monitors

Waterproof, non-absorbent and dust-free

Universal Keyboard Cap

Product Photo display

Macbook Pro keyboard disinfection

Easy to clean
Clean your keyboard in seconds.
super thin material keyboard cover
Easy installation
Macbook Pro touch bar workable
Macbook Pro USB slot workable