Custom Screen Protector Inquiry



Green Onions Supply can cut custom screen protector sizes for nearly any flat-screen device, up to midsize TV displays.

Sizing information

In the form above, please provide your sizing information. For simple rectangular screens, a width and height are usually sufficient, as well as the radius of rounding on the corners that you want (standard is 2 mm).

For more complex shapes, such as devices that need cutouts for buttons, speaker grills, or cameras, we may request a submission of an exact diagram of the shape you need, via scanned image or blueprint information for the screen. You can upload this to us in the form as well.

If you are trying to get a custom protector for a more rare device, and you have the device or prototype parts on hand, you can send in the screen or device itself. We will then measure and test the fit before sending back the device.

Payment and Response Time

Once we have received your information, you should hear back within 2 business days with a price quote. Payment for smaller orders will be handled via PayPal or credit card charge once you have seen and approved the quote, and arrangements for other payment methods will be made on a customer by customer basis for larger orders.