Protect yourself and others from getting and spreading contagious pandemics like the flu or COVID-19 by routine surface cleaning.

Due to the rise of Covid-19, the ability to regularly sanitize and clean keyboards has become a more pressing issue. Major public health organizations around the world have released articles that recognize the value of cleaning high-traffic touch surfaces (such as keyboards) in flu season, or during pandemics like Covid-19. Publicly exposed keyboards at school, office, or in communal settings, like computer labs or libraries, can have lots of surfaces that are difficult to clean.

Green Onions Supply has been in the keyboard cover business for decades, so we have lots of experience with the sanitizing needs of medical and dental practitioners, as well as the needs of everyday computer users who want the ability to clean their keyboard quickly and safely.

Our keyboard covers make any keyboard much easier to clean and sanitize. The covers are also small enough to fit in your pocket, and have a universal design that fits almost any keyboard, so you can bring them with you everywhere.

These covers stop grime and droplets from falling into the keyboards cracks, and they create a flat surface that is very easy to wipe. They also are safe to use with most hand-safe cleaning agents, so you can disinfect their surface with rubbing alcohol, or even wash them with soap and water between uses.

These types of surface cleanings are part of what public health organizations call NPIs:

Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions. These are ways to limit community spread of disease that don’t specifically use medication, and include things like hand-washing, mask-wearing, or staying home when you’re sick.

Students, teachers, and office workers going back into the public world can use our keyboard protector products to help increase their ability to safely sanitize and clean their keyboards and workspaces, thus adding another helpful NPI layer that protects our communities.

 “NPIs are also known as community mitigation strategies. When a new flu virus spreads among people, causing illness worldwide, it is called pandemic flu. Because a pandemic flu virus is new, the human population has little or no immunity against it. This allows the virus to spread quickly from person to person worldwide. NPIs are among the best ways of controlling pandemic flu when vaccines are not yet available.”


“Surface and object cleaning, measures with safe cleaning products are recommended as a public health intervention in all settings in order to reduce influenza transmission. ”       


 “Bring along disinfectant wipes to clean any surfaces you’re about to touch.” 


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