Keyboard Cap for Apple Wireless Magic Keyboard with Numeric keypad [3 Pack]


Keyboard Cap for Apple Wireless Magic Keyboard with Numeric keypad [3 Pack]

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  • World’s Thinnest Keyboard Protector – The Keyboard Cap is 0.025mm thin and made of a stretchy and durable material to provide a superb tactile feeling and an excellent typing experience.
  • Provide Full Protection for Your Keyboard– Waterproof material protects from dust, debris, liquid spills (coffee/beer/milk), sneezes, coughs, contaminants and more.
  • Easy to Clean – The Keyboard Cap provides a flat and wipeable surface that is easy to quickly sanitize and disinfect, and its quick installation means it is easy to swap and exchange as needed.
  • Extend the Lifetime of Your Keyboard – Universal Keyboard Cap keeps dirt, skin, and hair from everyday use out of your keyboard, and provides insurance against accidental spills that cause major keyboard and laptop damage. This means the Keyboard Cap helps extend the life of your keyboard and laptop.
  • Perfectly Suited for Clean Workspaces – Perfect fit for clinics, hospitals, the foodservice industry, and manufacturing clean rooms, but also useful for libraries, computer labs, and computers used in public spaces or communal computers passed from user to user.
  • Dimensions: Fits  16.48 inches to 16.88 inches Wide, Vertical Fit: 4.52 to 4.91 inches Deep



GTIN (global trade item number) UPC:872621002608

MPN (manufacturer part number):RT-SC03APL


重量 0.03 磅
尺寸 16 × 13.5 × 1.5 英吋