Universal Waterproof Desktop Keyboard Cap Cover Anti-Dust Hospital/Dentist Use Easily Sanitized Disinfection [50 Pack]


貨號: RT-SC050 分類:


  • WORLD’S THINNEST PROTECTIVE CAP – 0.025mm durable material to provide a superb tactile feeling and excellent typing experience.
  • PROVIDE FULL PROTECTION FOR YOUR KEYBOARD – Against dust, liquid spill (coffee/beer/milk), contaminants and more.
  • EASY CLEANING – Quickly sanitized and disinfected, easily swapped and exchanged.
  • EXTEND THE LIFETIME OF YOUR KEYBOARD – Universal keyboard cap keeps dirt out of your keyboard and won’t worry about water sprinkled on the keyboard, which will reduce its lifetime.
  • EXCELLENTLY SUITED FOR CLEAN WORKSPACE – Clinics, hospitals, the foodservice industry, and manufacturing clean rooms.



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