Universal Silicone Keyboard Cover for Desktop/Pos Keyboard [2 Pack]



Universal Silicone Keyboard Cover for Desktop/Pos Keyboard [2 Pack]

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  • Universal Protection– The Universal Silicone Keyboard Cover is made with medical grade silicone to keep out spills and debris and make dust and disease carrying droplets easy to wipe off and disinfect. It keeps gunk out of your desktop OR laptop keyboard, and makes it much easier to clean.
  • Easy to Customize – The silicone sheet design can be trimmed to size with scissors before you remove its hard backing. This means you can size it for your full size desktop keyboard, or cut it down to laptop size, or even smaller for numeric keypads and touchpads.
  • Excellent Tactile Experience– The silicone material is soft and smooth, yet also flexible enough to allow for comfortable and unimpeded typing.
  • Compatible with backlit keyboards and Laptops– The premium silicone is highly transparent, so your backlit keys easily shine through. It is also thin enough that it allows most heat to escape when used on laptop keyboards.
  • Easy to Clean – The silicone protector is easy to wash in a sink with soap and water (remember to dry it before using it again!), or easy to wipe down with a disinfectant for quick sanitation.
  • Dimensions: 470mm (18.5-inch) x 170mm (6.7-inch); Thickness: 0.15mm (0.006-inch). *Remember to tear off the hard plastic transparent liner before installation.*