KeyboardMask for Magic Keyboard [1 Pack]


KeyboardMask for Magic Keyboard [1 Pack]

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  • Tailor-Made Protective Cover for the Magic Keyboard – Extended coverage sizes perfectly fit for the entire keyboard and touchpad area of the MacBook Pro 13-inch. Easy to type through, and allows use of the keyboard, touch-bars, touch-pads, TouchID sensor, and perfect compatibility with the input and output ports of the Magic Keyboard.
  • Provide Full Protection for Your Keyboard – Keyboard Mask keeps out dust and debris, liquid spills (coffee/beer/milk/etc), grease, skin, hair/fur, sneezes and coughs, contaminants and more.
  • Easy to Clean – The KeyboardMask provides a flat and wipeable surface that is easy to quickly sanitize and disinfect, and its quick installation means it is easy to swap and exchange as needed.
  • Extend the Lifetime of Your Keyboard – Universal Keyboard Cap keeps dirt, skin, and hair from everyday use out of your keyboard, and provides insurance against accidental spills that cause major keyboard and laptop damage. This means the Keyboard Cap helps extend the life of your keyboard and laptop.
  • Perfectly Suited for Clean Workspaces – Perfect fit for clinics, hospitals, the foodservice industry, and manufacturing clean rooms, but also useful for libraries, computer labs, and computers used in public spaces or communal computers passed from user to user.


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