Green Onions Supply PaperTexture Screen Protector for Wacom Cintiq 13HD Paper Screen/Anti Glare/Matte/Made in Japan/Scratch Resistant/PET [1 Pack]


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  • TURNS GLASS TO PAPER – Feels like paper, sounds like paper, writes like paper. Offer paper texture like touch, friction, and feel. Your hand slides nicely on the iPad’s surface, making the digital sketching experience much more rewarding. You can even rest your hand on the display without leaving finger marks.
  • UNIVERSAL PACKAGE – This universal package is applicable for paper texture film. For testing videos please visit
  • HIGH QUALITY – High transmittance(Approx. 90%) with little haze(Approx. 15%). Scratch resistant anti-glare screen protector with the matte finish.
  • PROTECT THE SCREEN – An added layer of protection to extend the lifetime of your monitor/screen.
  • EASY INSTALLATION – You can enjoy a hassle-free installation that is fast, accurate, and bubble-free by using our dust isolation sheet. For installation videos, please visit

Wacom Cintiq 13HD papertexture for Wacom Cintiq 13HD advantages of papertexture


重量 0.2 lbs
尺寸 40 × 26 × 0.2 in